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Das Wild Moon ist eine ganz besondere Wildniserfahrung. Einen Mond (Monat) lang lebt man in einem Clan in der Wildnis Schwedens.


"The Wild Moon is a very unique Wilderness Living Experience. We give you the opportunity to be immersed in Nature for a whole Moon (month) without interruption, and you will get a taste of how it feels and what it takes to live in a Clan within the natural rhytms of existance. According to the flow of the seasons you will be learning different skills like hide tanning, fire making, shelter building, lost proofing, basketry, foraging and the social skills needed to be living in a clan." http://www.wildmoon.eu


Fridolin, der ein Jahr lang in der Wildnis Amerikas gelebt hat ist als Guide bei Wild Moons dabei.

Wild Moon - ein Monat in der Wildnis verwildern


Shadow Tracking Wild Moon Februar-März 2016

The nights are long, the air is clear and the animals are leaving their tracks in the snow that covers the earth. The tracks in the snow are telling the story of the animal as if the shadow would still be walking there. The nature around us mirrors our inside; our tracking adventure expands to our inside. The white season is the time when we come together as a circle, sit around the warm fire and share our dreams, thoughts and feelings. It is a deep, insightful and retrospective time, the time when the cycle of the year becomes whole and it is not long anymore until the renewing spring sneaks in.


For a whole mooncyle we leave behind our civilized life and dive into living the old way - the way our ancestors have lived for many decades. By living the way human are intrinsically meant to be, we will experience interconnectedness in nature and our role in it. Like shadows we will live in the spirit of the wolves who might be around us, we will leave as little tracks as possible behind us and be stealthy.


We will learn to gather good firewood, make fire by friction, eat native diet, go out tracking and exploring, learn to make comfortable beddings, build natural shelter and find good campsites. We will experience the beauty of simplicity, which the earth provides for our needs, that all life is connected and that we’re part of it. It will be challenging at times, but without doubt it is going to be equally gifting and rewarding.

If you feel inspired, called or drawn and want to join us in the winter immersion experience, feel free to contact us.

We’re looking forward!


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Wild Moon Europe

month long wilderness immersion


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Kursort: Schweden, ca. 1 Std. von Stockholm entfernt


Preis: 1400€ pro Person





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